EHS Policy

Malhotra Organic’s goal is to create a safe and healthy workplace. No job is so important that it cannot be done safely and without adverse environmental impact. Our aim is to have zero incidents. Therefore, we operate with the greatest care for the safety, health and the environment for our employees and the communities we engage with.

Our activities are supported by a management system that includes policies, procedures, training, and feedback, which ascertain that we comply with laws and regulations applicable to our operations and in accordance with our own corporate standards and codes.

Our commitment to achieve a zero incident culture is based on our core beliefs:

  • Environment, health and safety is everyone’s concern. Incident-free performance is not possible without everyone’s participation and commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. All employees are involved in initiatives to enhance the safety and health of the environment.
  • Safe behaviours prevail over business priorities. Our activities are focused on safety first. We believe no job is so important that it cannot be done safely and without adverse environmental impact. · We are all responsible for protecting ourselves and our colleagues from unsafe situations. We care for our colleagues and make them aware of (potential) unsafe situations.
  • Everybody should feel free to speak up, report incidents or suggest improvements. We value such input and encourage every employee to do so.
  • Management leads by example. Our business leaders must be visibly engaged in the processes and demonstrate the behaviours that support a zero incident culture.
  • Continuous improvement of our EHS performance is essential by training, sharing knowledge, lessons learned and best practices throughout the entire organization. We encourage our employees to find ways to improve the safety and environmental impact of our workplace, our products and the processes and technologies we use to make them.
  • We hold ourselves accountable through verification and frequent reporting of our performance. Our management systems ensure compliance of our processes and practices with applicable regulatory requirements as well as our own corporate standards and policies.

Malhotra Organic’s leadership and employees are committed to achieving a zero Incident Culture and to continuously improve our safety and environmental performance. Safety first. The Management of Malhotra organic is ultimately responsible for the implementation of and amendments to this policy leading to a zero incident culture. All management layers and employees are expected to actively contribute to a safe and healthy working environment and are responsible and held accountable for compliance with this policy.


Pradeep Malhotra

Managing Director